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Ask Congress and the President for a Faithful Budget that Puts the Needs of "the least of these" First in the Budget and Deficit Debates.

This letter will be hand delivered to Congress and sent to the President. Sign the Letter

soup kitchenAs a person of faith committed to justice for all people living in poverty, I urge you to please consider the moral choices before you in the budget and deficit debates. People of faith make sacrifices every day to serve people suffering from hunger, homelessness, illness, and lack of education access. Many of our faith-based programs and services receive government support. Further cuts to such vital programs that provide much needed healthcare, nutrition, housing, and education assistance will result in immeasurable human suffering.

Scripture calls for us to care for “the least of these”—people living in poverty. I believe you should work to protect programs that provide a safety net for the most vulnerable among us. The well-being of millions of people and our nation is at stake.


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