Pray The Vote

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30 seconds: Send a tweet to the presidential debate moderators: @MarthaRaddatz (#VPDebate moderator on 10/11) and @crowleyCNN (moderator on 10/16) asking them to #TalkPoverty and pay attention to questions raised by Matthew 25. You can find tweeting tips here.

Two minutes: Send a message to your elected officials asking them to clearly state what they will do to address poverty.

Ten minutes: If you haven’t yet, watch the two presidential candidates’ videos about poverty and faith below, and see what church leaders are saying about poverty and the 2012 election.

One Hour: Get equipped to change election conversations to focus on poverty with this online training webinar on October 18, 2:00-3:00pm EST.

Attend a town hall meeting: Ask good questions at local town hall meetings. Use election 2012 resources from the NCC Public Education and Literacy committee to ask questions about “repairing the breach” in our public education system that continues to leave kids behind.

For furthur election 2012 resources, including important information about making voting accessible to all, check out Operation EMR (Educate, Mobilize, Register) from the African Methodist Episcopal church and Our Faith, Our Vote from the United Church of Christ.

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