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federal budget
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Budget Prayer Vigil (7/28/2011)

Prayer in the Rotunda for a Faithful BudgetHuffington Post

Religious Leaders Arrested at Capitol for Budget Protest (7/28/2011)

Religious Leaders Pray for a 'Just and Compassionate Budget' (7/27/2011)

Obama Prays with Pastors Who Tell Him to Protect the Poor (7/21/2011)


Religious Leaders Storm the Hill (7/28/2011)

The Washington Post

Charges Dropped Against Clergy who Prayed in the Capitol (10/13/2011)

Religious Leaders Protesting Budget Cuts Arrested in Capitol (7/28/2011)

At United Methodist Building, a Meeting of Prayer and Politics (7/22/2011)

Boston Globe

Religious Leaders Arrested in Capitol (7/28/2011)


Religious Groups Set Prayer Vigil for U.S. Debt Deal(7/26/2011)

U.S. Religious Leaders Urge Moral Solution to Debt Talks (7/14/2011)

Health Consumers Make Deficit Fight Personal (10/4/11)

The Politico

Religious Activists Arrested in Capitol Rotunda (7/28/2011)

Debate Turns 'Scary' on Debt: Veto threats, weekend work loom as Congress still has no endgame. By David Rogers. (7/19/2011)

The Hill

Eleven Arrested After Sit-in Against Budget Cuts (7/28/2011)

New York Times

Clergymen Were Arrested for Protesting 'Immoral' Budget Cuts (screen shot courtesy of Jeff Bridges) (7/28/2011)

Roll Call

Front Page Screenshot (7/28/2011)

USA Today

Capitol Hill Gets a Little Spiritual Help for Debt Talks (7/15/2011)

ABC News

Faith Leaders Arrested in U.S. Capitol During Protest (7/28/2011)

Christianity Today

Obama Meets with Christian Leaders over Budget (7/21/2011)

Christian Post

Church Leader Urges Christians to Lend Moral Guidance to Occupy Wall Street Protestors (10/12/11)

The Telegraph

US Debt Crisis: Americans Pray for a Resolution (7/26/2011)


Citizen Outrage Toward Capitol Hill (7/26/2011)

The Portland Press Herald

Pingree, Religious Leaders to Wage Protest Over Boehner Debt Bill (7/28/2011)

Mennonite Weekly

Anabaptist Leaders Advocate for Poor in Debt Debate (8/8/2011)

Ahlul Bayt News Agency

US Muslims, Jews, & Christians Launch Campaign to Defend Poor from Budget Cuts (7/20/2011)


Click here to read about the Interfaith 11's day in court on October 10, 2011.

Click here to see the coaltion's media advisory about the religious leaders who came to D.C. July 26th to pray and ask Congress for a faithful budget, and deliver their letter to Congress and Obama. Click here for the coalition's media release about the Faithful Budget Campaign in general. July 28, 11 relgious leaders went to the center of the rotunda, knelt, and prayed until they were arrested. Find photos of the Interfaith 11 here. Click here to read about the campaign's next steps after the July debt ceiling deal was done.

Bread for the World

Religious Leaders Meet with President and Ask Him to Form a "Circle of Protection" Around Programs for Those in Need

Church of the Brethren

Interfaith Coalition Says Houses of Worship Cannot Cover Cuts to Poverty Programs

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

ELCA members pray for a just, compassionate federal budget

Faith in Public Life

FLP Executive Director Arrested in Capitol Protesting Cuts to Poor and Vulnerable

Islamic Society of North America

ISNA Unites with Interfaith Leaders to Protect Federal Funding for Poverty Assistance.

National Council of Churches Press Releases

Prominent Christians, Jews, Muslims Unite to Protect Poverty Assistance.

Religious Leaders Meet with President and Ask Him to Form a "Circle of Protection" Around the Most Vulnerable.

Religious Leaders Say Obama Understands that Budget Cuts Must Not Remove Support for the "Least of These."

NCC's Livingston, Blevins Among Faith Leaders Arrested in Capitol Protest to Protect the Poor

The "Rotunda 11," religious leaders arrested for praying in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, had their day in court today.

NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Campaign Launched to Address Extreme Wealth Gap in the United States

Presbyterian Church USA

The Reverend J. Herbert Nelson is Arrested in Protest Over Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Presbyterians Promote Compassion, Peace, and Justice

United Church of Christ

Faith Leaders Arrested in Capitol Hill Protest to Protect Nation's Most Vulnerable Persons

Interfaith Leaders Urge Protection of Federal Poverty Assistance

Interfaith Prayer Vigils for a Faithful Budget

United Methodist Church

Word from Winkler: An Act of Civil Disobedience

Prayer Vigils for "Faithful Budget"

Click here to return to the Faithful Budget campaign homepage.

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